Primary SKYWARN® Manuals:
Basic Spotters' Field Guide here.
Advanced Spotters' Field Guide here.
WX1GYX Operations Manual (updated January 2019).
The Contacts List had been separated from the manual.
2015 WX1GYX Network Diagram (updated 1/2017).
Here are the Net Control Scripts

More SKYWARN® Information
See the Wireless Society of Southern Maine's Maine-New Hampshire Skywarn page
The national Skywarn page.
The National Weather Service Skywarn page.

Skywarn on Echolink:
Echolink Web Site

From Tim Watson KB1HNZ:
The Echolink conference node that is used is *NEW-ENG*. 
The important thing to keep in mind is that when we do use it, 
which is typically during larger scale events, such as Nor’easters, 
we share the conference with other SKYWARN groups,
including Burlington and Taunton. 
We use Talkgroup 8 (Region North) primarily, 
but sometimes branch off to either NH or ME statewide,
depending on the area of concern. 

National Weather Service Glossary here.

A Comprehensive Glossary of Weather Terms for Storm Spotters, 2nd Edition (1996) by Michael Branick. Download here.

An exhaustive list of acronyms used in meteorology and by the National Weather Service may be found here.

The GYX criteria for Watches, Warnings and Advisories posted October 22, 2013.

The Septermber 2013 Snow Measurement Guidelines for National Weather Service Surface Observing Programs by the NWS Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services, Silver Springs, MD is available.Other Cooperative Observer Program resources may be found at the link above.

WX1GYX station equipment manuals (download as PDF).
YD-570D_S Manual
Kenwood TS-570S HF+6m Manual
Yeasu FT-8900R 10m/6m/2m/440MHz FM Radio Manual

Information From and About NOAA and the National Weather Service

NWS Products and Services Reference Guidebook download link here (19megs).

New England Climate

Maine State Climatologist here

New Hampshire Climatologist here

Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) here

Cold Weather Information

Winter Storms, the Deceptive Killers NOAA brochure here

Warm Weather Information

The Hurricane Frequency List, a list of frequencied used by Ham Radio operators during hurricane events.

Weather Spotting and Ham Radio

Corey, Michael W5MPC and Victor Morris AH6WX. Storm Spotting and Amatuer Radio. Newington, CT. The American Radio Relay League, Inc. 2010

Central Maine Regional Resource Center

DRAFT Central Maine Regional Resource Center DRAFT-CMRRC-Radio-Frequencies-Nov2014.pdf used for hospital communications in Oxford, Androscoggin, Kennebec and Franklin Counties. A good starting point for programming radios.
A csv file is downloadable for the free 'chirp' programming software.

Schools for Weather:

A list of schools, real and virtural, with information on instruction in meteorology.

JetStream, the National Weather Service Online Weather School here.

Online Weather Studies: A Unique Introductory Course in Atmospheric Science here., under the "weather courses heading" here.

Plymouth State Weather Center, look for tutorials on the lower left here.

Working Papers:

2014 SKYWARN® Report Logsheet

2014 WX1GYX SKYWARN© Severe Weather Report Form

County Warning Area Maps:


N1KTA version SKYWARN® Report Logsheet Legal Sized logsheet-wx1gyx-legalsized.pdf

Version 2 SKYWARN® Report Logsheet Legal Sized logsheet-wx1gyx-legalsizedv2.pdf

Weather Station Guideline Manuals:

Automated Surface Observing System User Guide here

NWS ASOS Web Site here.

Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) Guidehere
Citizen Weather Observer website here.

FEDERAL METEOROLOGICAL HANDBOOK No. 1- Surface Weather Observations and Reports FMH1.pdf

Hail Pad from CoCoRaHS Hail Pad Analysis Center Colorado State University here

The Septermber 2013 Snow Measurement Guidelines for National Weather Service Surface Observing Programs by the NWS Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services, Silver Springs, MD is available here.Other Cooperative Observer Program resources may be found here.

Snow Measurement Guidelines NOTE: from Northern Indiana NWS here

"Measuring Snow" is a 23 minute instructional video which was prepared by Colorado State University to teach National Weather Service Cooperative Observers. Download here.

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)

CoCoRaHS Web site here.
Training information here. Useful information on snow measurement.

Books about New England Weather:

Zielinski, Gregory A. and Barry D. Keim. New England Weather, New England Climate. Hanover and London: University Press of New England, 2003.

Zielinski, Gregory A. Conditions May Vary a Guide to Maine Weather. Camden, ME: Downeast Books, 2009.
Yankee Weather Proverbs, Edited by Peter Miller, Illustrated by Daryl V. Storrs. Cobyville, VT: Silver Print Press, 2004.

Engstrom, Martin. Marty on the Mountain, 38 Years on Mount Washington. Fryeburg, ME: Self Published, 2003. The story of a TV transmitter engineer shanghaied into becoming a TV weatherman.

Ludlum, David McWilliams. The Country Journal New England Weather Book, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1976

Editors of the Boston Globe. Great New England Storms of the 20th Century, Boston: The Boston Globe, 2007.

Other Geneal Interest Weather Books:

Williams, Jack. The Weather Book: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to the USA's Weather Vintage, 1997. Suggested by Joan, KB1KPG

Inexpensive used editions of the above books may be available from the national online book sellers: Abe Books, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and others.

Good Reads:

The Year Without Summer. 1816 and the volcano that darkened the world and changed history. William K Klingaman and Nicholas P Klingaman. St Marti's Press, New Your 2013.
The aftermath of the 1915 eruption of Indonesia's Tambora volcano. A good dose of both history and meteorolgy. The east coast, New England and Maire are well reprsented in this interesting book.

Storm Kings. The Untold History of America's First Storm Chasers. Lee Sandlin. Pantheon Press, New York 2013.
The history and personalities involved in the pursuit of answers about the strom kings - tornados. From Cotton Mather to Ted Fujita and from Cambridge, MA to Kansas City, a well written and very interesting read.


Other information:

A Dictionary of Units of Measure from Russ Rowlett, Director, Center for Mathematics and Science Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Mariner's Guide to the 500 Millibar Chart, from the Mariners Weather Log, December 2008 which, according to Jerry, K1WTX, "takes some of the mystery out of the atmosphere level often mentioned in the forecast discussions" It may be found here.

The Coastal Front Newsletter A quarterly newsletter produced by Gray NWS staffers of interest to weather spotters. It can be downloaded in PDF format from the NWS GYX website here.

NWS Louisville: Training Documents and Exercises. Some basic and also more advanced training information along with many downloads here. Also links galore here.

NOAA Cloud Chard (2.2m) cloudchart.pdf

"Ethanol Gasoline Blends and Small Engines" from the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (80k) BAE-1746pod.pdf

NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center Three-Month Outlook and other links found here.